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Christmas Carol Album £9.99

This is Volume 1 of 7 sacred music albums, 1-6 await completion when funds allow. On this album, Tim plays 16 tracks of Traditional Christmas Carols for you. No singing, orchestral backing or additions, purely the keys. However, Tim has included all the lyrics in the sleeve booklet, especially because of some or their prophetic importance to this current generation. There's also a personal message inside the sleeve, which addresses the real meaning of Christmas, which is infinitely beyond the tinsel, the trappings and the tree, with a brief explanation. Tim trusts this will be a joy, blessing and bring peace to you, as it has to so many.

Forget-Me-Not £9.99

This album or 14 tracks is Tim's contribution of love songs to the secular world, in which we all find ourselves. As far as is known, it is still the only album to contain 12 coloured pages. Tim personally composed all the tunes and the harmonies, as well as all of the lyrical content. All the lyrics are in the booklet, which also lets you into some of Tim's history and personal secrets. As well as piano and keyboards, Tim sings and harmonises on this album, which also has orchestral backing. The ideal way to enjoy these songs is to read the lyrics while listening. There has been some amazing feedback to this album, especially due to the lyrical content, but have a hanky handy, there is scope in here for shedding tears, on three fronts, sadness, joy and laughter. Enjoy!

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